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For Devs

If you’re an independent video game developer who’s looking for someone to bring your creations to consoles and/or different platforms… we might be the partners you’ve been looking for!

Over 10 years in the industry... And counting!

Silesia Games is a game publisher as well as a game development studio. We’re an official partner of Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and Valve.

Over the years we’ve released 60+ games across multiple platforms!

The console release pipeline in 5 steps:

  1. We sign the NDA to protect your intellectual property.
  2. We analyse the code, estimate time needed for the port to be made, and sign the contract
    (we earn % of the sales only after game starts selling).
  3. We go straight into porting while keeping you up to date.
  4. After the final version is tested and ready, we certify the game, prepare the console web-store content, promote and launch your game!
  5. …and that’s it! We’re going to share the sales reports with you (with full transparency) and transfer the earnings every month.

It costs you $0!

You’ve already done the work – now let your game work for you! 🎆

Join our 30+ satisfied clients!

In our anonymous survey we asked...

“Would you recommend other developers to work with us?”

Here are the results 🙂

Our timeline


From the cooperation of a few passionate minds… Silesia Games is born, as a small game development studio 🙂


We make our first game, Beyond Space – it wins the first prize of Tizen App Challenge!


Beyond Space releases on PC, iOS and Android.


Production and release of our second game – SpellKeeper, for PC (Steam), iOS, Android.


SpellKeeper becomes our first release on the Nintendo Switch.

As more work comes our way, we shift our focus from game development to porting and publishing games for others.

(So, no more self-made games… for now 🙂 )


Delicious little fritters, getting up to mischief, up to no good…

In 2020, a wacky and colourful party game for everyone, Ultra Foodmess (developed by Painful Smile), releases on the Nintendo Switch.

It’s a HIT!


Somewhere around the first quarter of 2021, we branched out and begun working on releases for Xbox and Playstation systems.

While a port of Ultra Foodmess takes the spot for Playstation releases, a particularly high-octane directional shooter, Galaxy Champions TV, is the first to be ported to the Xbox!

August 2021

A quirky party board game in which the player’s task is to take on the role of a doomsday cultist and attempt to summon the Ancient Horror…

That game is Fhtagn! – Tales of the Creeping Madness, and it becomes our 20th game released on the Switch!

November 2022

Who would think an adorable little game in which the player seeks and pets cats in an apartment block would be so loved?..

…Huh? Everyone? 🐱🐱🐱

A Building Full of Cats releases on the Nintendo Switch, becoming our 50th game released on that console!

December 2022

We’ve had our YouTube channel post various trailers and teasers before, but we’ve felt like that approach could use a bit more “soul”.

In December that year, we’ve welcomed our new presenter, and the first episode of Silesia Games News went live on YouTube! 🙂

March 2023

Our office relocates and settles in a beautiful place called Cieszyn – a picturesque border town on the eastern bank of the Olza River in Poland.

Nowadays it’s hard to imagine being elsewhere!

April 2023

April 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of Silesia Games! 🎂🎉

In little over 3 years, we’ve worked with 30+ developers and released over 70 games on multiple platforms.
On the Nintendo Switch alone, we’ve reached over half a million game downloads! 🙂

As we celebrate, we’re working hard for more fantastic releases to come.
May the good games be with you!

~Silesia Games Team