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A unique and magical logic game with dozens of challenging puzzles, relaxing music, and beautiful hand-drawn visuals.

Take the role of the Chosen One and save magical butterflies that are trapped in magical cocoons.

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SpellKeeper is a unique logic game with dozens of challenging puzzles and beautifully hand-drawn graphics.
The objective is deceptively simple – use magic to turn cocoons into beautiful butterflies and set them free. This task becomes difficult as you encounter a variety of obstacles like Energy Fields, Spells and other blockers.
Enjoy lovely hand-drawn graphics and relaxing music in a dreamy, calming atmosphere.

Game features:

  • Easy to play
  • Challenging, but not frustrating
  • Non-violent – a game suitable for everyone!
  • Hand-painted graphics and relaxing music.
  • Supports 14 different languages.
  • English voice acting!