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A mystical and mysterious jigsaw-style puzzle game, in which you accompany Catherine the Cat in her quest for finding the lost astrology papyri. An adorable treat for both those who are into such topics… and those who yet aren’t!

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About the game

Cats are adorable mystical creatures – they are our guardians and the only ones with the power to travel through the thin veil that separates life and the great beyond.
…they can also be whimsical silly beings, never losing their inner magic or good vibes!

Zodiacats is a jigsaw-like puzzle in which you match the pieces to see the full picture of a Zodiac Cat. You can also see a prediction for your sign to see what the future holds for you!

Let Catherine guide you through the zodiac wheel, telling you about the features of each sign. You can even learn about your cat’s sign, too!