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A casual, laid back blend of third-person adventuring, resource gathering and strategic town building.

Create your character and build a flourishing dwarven town… under the open sky!

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About the game

Banished from your homeland for believing that dwarves can live above ground, you decide to build your own town – for yourself, and all the dwarves who share the same vision.

Become a leader and keep your townspeople safe and happy by improving your town, questing, and keeping monsters at bay. The bigger your town, the bigger your adventure!

Game Features:

  • Build a town with over 45 structures – such as farms, breweries, weapon shops, or fishing piers
  • Explore the world and its many creatures in numerous dungeons, caves, mines and more
  • Complete quests and manage your town to ensure the citizens are safe and happy
  • Craft 100+ items – from armor and weapons to home decor
  • Fight plenty of foes in a fast-paced, action combat system