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Silesia Games wishes you a Merry Christmas!


2023 is almost coming to an end. A busy year for our team it was.
New game releases, new people to welcome aboard, new possibilities to consider…
But we’ve already mentioned that before, here and there 🙂
Now it’s a good time to unwind and rest for a few days to celebrate the season!

This time of year calls for letting yourself take a break, spending some time on charging your batteries – alone, or with friends and family.
Sometimes all it takes is a warm blanket and a fun game to play, sometimes it’s a loud and busy living room, and sometimes it’s a jog through familiar places and favourite music to listen to.

(#teamgames 🙂 )

We’d like to wish you many good games, the free time to play what you’ve been putting off for ages, a comfortable seat, healthy snacks, tons of cats to pet, good company, and of course…

We wish you a warm, safe, and merry Christmas!

~Silesia Games Team