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Silesia Games at Pixel Heaven Fest 2023!


Quite a busy May for us!

Yet another time we’re visiting Pixel Heaven as a team… and the first time in years we’re having our own little promotional corner there! ­čÖé

It was overall a great experience – we’ve had a lot of people of different ages come up to us and try our games, so we had a great opportunity to see how people interact with them, what’s enjoyable, what’s not, which games people are having the most fun with…
A few visitors even went as far as to stop by and give us valuable game dev advice!
You don’t get that every day!

Outside of our stall, there was a lot of things to see and do. Game demos, promos, “nerdy” merch of all kinds, educational speeches, food trucks, mingling with other gamedev people, spotting known internet personas, and so on!

Check out our little nutshell video – get a feel for it!

PS. We can even brag about probably being the very last stall at this year’s Pixel Heaven to have active visitors!
People still wanted to play while the other stalls were packing up ­čÖé
(Or maybe we were just a few seconds too late to pack up and the only ones left? Nah…)

Hope to see you next year!