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Ultra Foodmess 2

A delicious-looking local multiplayer party game for up to four people – a a sweet sequel to a beloved party hit! Take part in the Foodmess all around the world, and bring your friends, because it’s going to get spicy!


Pack your bags and grab your passport! You and your friends are going on a tasty trip around the world filled with chaos and laughter! Your favorite food characters are back in an even more epic and fun competition (now with a DASH action!)

Embark on this journey and welcome to Ultra Foodmess 2!

About the game

Ultra Foodmess 2 brings back all the competitiveness of the first game, but now with a renewed look, new and chaotic game modes, in addition to several characters that are even more charismatic and fun.
Run, dash, shoot and push in this frantic party-game!

Play with up to 4 friends and select which modes around the world you want to battle, each one with its own crazy gameplay mechanics.

Fast, chaotic and fun, those are the words that define Ultra Foodmess 2, and you’ll want to travel with your friends into this battle capable of providing hours of friendship-ruining fun.


  • 10 game modes filled with CHAOS!
  • Local multiplayer for up to 4 people!
  • Bots to play against, if your friends are busy!
  • Tons of unlockables!
  • A colourful cast of characters!