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The Awakening of Mummies

A pleasant, slow-paced puzzle game, in which you guide mummies through various chambers full of traps to set them free from the evil Pharaoh Cléo.

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Help these Mummies escape!

Curses! Poor mummies are being held captive by Cléo, the evil Pharaoh!
Help them find their way out of their trap-filled confinements. Make sure that each mummy takes the corresponding staff before going to the Totem of the same color, as this is the only way for the Portal to open!

Watch out for traps!

  • Broken Floor – always a gamble. Maybe nothing will happen… Or maybe you’ll fall to your doom!
  • Mud – it’ll slow you down for sure. Maybe you could use that to your advantage?
  • Spears – noone likes to be pricked. Neither do mummies!
  • Magic Mist – get the crown… or you’ll go down!
  • Holes – a certain death. Steer clear of those!