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Summer Daze: Tilly's Tale

A funny and charming visual novel, developed by Corey and Lori Ann Cole – the people behind the Quest for Glory series.

Help a mischievous rogue make friends… and find her way out of serious trouble!

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About the game

You’re Tilly Appleberry – a mischievous rogue student who values having fun above having respect for rules and authority.

Your choices matter. Play again (and again!) to meet different people. Use your wit, charm, and skills to make the upcoming Harvest Festival a success.

Come and mingle with a Minotaur Paladin, a Doggie Chef, and many more potential friends… and maybe even love interests.?

Suitable for all ages, Tilly’s Tale is a tale full of humor and heart – written by acclaimed adventure game writer Lori Ann Cole.