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Strike Team Gladius

A turn based strategy game in a sci-fi setting – command a team of tough specialists in their efforts to defeat the alien menace. You’re humanity’s last hope to survive in the hostility of space, and possibly, the entire universe’s.

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About this game

Strike Team Gladius is a turn-based, tactical combat game where you and your team fight to reclaim a colony world from an alien invasion.

Level up your strike team, earn better equipment and unlock new skills and abilities. Special missions will let you operate tanks, troop carriers, artillery, and even combat mechs!

The game’s focus is on turn-based, tactical combat only – no base building or resource management to slow down the gameplay.

  • Employ cover, terrain and destroyable objects such as fuel containers and explosive barrels to gain an advantage over your enemies.
  • Utilize special abilities to gain an advantage in otherwise unwinnable scenarios.
  • Fight on deserts, in alien jungles, and even an alien home world! Each environment features unique tactical challenges.

Build your strike team!

Choose your squadmates from 22 unique units, ranging from lethal snipers to brutal melee specialists. Since each squad combination opens up unique tactical options, as each squad member’s abilities and traits intermix, remember to rebalance your team as they obtain new skills.

An engaging tactical campaign

The main campaign features 40 replayable combat missions, each with their own special objectives and win conditions.
Each successful mission will help your team become stronger and obtain more powerful equipment. As you progress, your strike team will become a finely-tuned and ruthlessly effective combat force.