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Run the Fan

A unique puzzle game that requires strong strategic planning… as well as quick reflexes and precision!

Guide the electric current – arc by arc!

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About the game

The game consists of over 50 boards, and your goal is the same on each of them: to switch on the fan. But to achieve that, you must do much more than just push the button!

There is a current generator on each of the boards, linked to the fan through a path. Problem is, the path is broken in several places! To ensure that the current reaches the fan uninterrupted, you must create an electric arc wherever the circuit was damaged.

Seems complicated? Don’t worry. No electrical know-how is required!

You just need to skillfully operate a metal ball and build electric arcs with it where needed. It’s quite simple and intuitive. Bear in mind that with each board comes with new challenges. Always start by planning your next move, then carefully execute it.

Good luck!


  • The game was developed specifically with Nintendo Switch in mind.
  • It mixes puzzle and arcade game mechanics
  • the game requires strategic planning, precision, and quick reflexes
  • comfortable controls using the accelerometer
  • dynamic score
  • beautiful graphics, dynamic lights and special effects
  • over 50 levels