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Let Me Sleep

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A spooky point-and-click puzzle adventure, in which the task is to help a rather sleepy fellow catch some rest… In a haunted house. Interact with the room, look for secrets, solve puzzles, avoid obstacles… And Let Him Sleep!


About the game

In Let Me Sleep, you are a helping hand to a guy so tired that he can never get enough sleep.
…Which is not surprising, considering that he’s trying to rest in a house full of horrors and monsters!­čĺÇ­čžč

Be a helpful force in his life and solve spooky puzzles and perform tasks that are sometimes dirty… for the sake of helping your friend sleep safe and sound, of course.
The further you go the spookier it gets!­čĹ╗­čśÁ­čĹ╗

Unlock secret cosmetic items, see different endings, unravel the darkness and tackle everything that comes your way. There are secrets hidden behind and under every door, bed and crack.
The clock is ticking, the man is tired… Hurry up and turn off the lamp!

With a funky story line, stylish art, and engaging game play, Let Me Sleep is a puzzle-solving adventure for everyone. Even if you’re not too brave ­čÖé

Get ready to get your hands dirty… and solve some spooky puzzles.