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Kittens and Yarn

A cute and minimalist puzzle game with… cats and yarn! Move the pieces of place and untangle the yarn for these cute kittens.

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About the game

Lots of cuteness and mess! That’s exactly what you get for having several kittens at home.

Kittens and Yarn is a cute and minimalist puzzle game where it’s up to you to untangle the yarns by simply swapping the pieces.

Game features:

  • Relaxing. No scoring, no timer, and no pressure. Solve the puzzles in your own time and enjoy the game experience.
  • Simple control. You can play by just clicking on the pieces with the left mouse button.
  • Level progression. Unique levels, where the challenge increases with each level with more pieces and yarns.
  • Great soundtrack. Music and effects exclusively designed to give you the best experience.