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Hidden Cats in Rome

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A cute and relaxing hidden object game, where you look for cats, kittens and people. The streets, corners, and landmarks of Rome are full of surprises!


About the game

Meow-mma mia! Our cats are now in the great city of Rome! Let’s find them!
A short and pleasant hidden object experience. Relax and find all the cats, one by one, to reveal the final coloured art.
Advanced levels and extra bonuses. More than 970 hidden objects to find!

Normal mode
120 cats to find!
Three hints to help you!

Advanced mode
200 cats to find – this time, placed in random positions!
In this mode you’ll get hints and unlock bonus stages as a reward for spotting special cats… and city people!
…and not to forget – famous Roman landmarks!

Hidden kittens bonus
Find tons and tons of hidden kittens on unlockable special levels… crowned with the greatest human-and-kitten challenge of all: The NERD ARENA!