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Hex Cats

A charming and relaxing hexagon-based puzzle game, full of adorable kittens, nice music, comfy visuals, and lots and lots of wool to untangle!

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About the game

There’s a lot of cats. Like, a LOT of cats here.
They’re in every room in the house, and a lot of places outside…. And they took a lot of yarn balls with them to their escapades!
Guess who’s going to have to clean it all up?
(And guess how long the tidiness is going to last.?)

Oh well… Can’t stay mad at kittens for being kittens, especially when untangling yarn is such a relaxing activity to do ­čÖé


  • A lot of puzzles to untangle (in the form of hex-twisting based puzzles)
  • A ton of mischevious kittens to keep you company
  • A lot of levels with an adorable artstyle