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Geometric Sniper Z

A stylized, black and white, minimalist 2D sniper game. The zombie plague broke out, and society as we know it… is over. Now the fate of remaining survivors, as well as as the anti-zombie resistance, is in snipers’ hands.

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About the game

The zombie plague broke loose in this black and white world…
The only people keeping this society together anymore… Are people with big guns, and sharp eyes.

Blast zombie heads with a variety of weapons and customize your character in this arcade-style 2D sniper game. Lots of different game modes to test yourself with….

Save the remaining healthy humans, hunt the zombies down and manage your resources wisely – finding out what happened won’t be an easy task.


  • Different game modes to play through
  • Fun, arcade-style gameplay
  • Unlockable customization options for your character
  • Tons of weapons to choose from
  • Endless challenges!