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Geometric Sniper - Blood in Paris

A highly stylized, minimalist 2D sniper game. Take the role of Katy, a French sniper, and help her defend the innocent Parisian citizens from all the wrongdoers that hide in the crowds.

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About the game

Katy, a French sniper, needs to protect her city and prevent innocent lives from being lost. There are no second chances in her job, so with increasingly challenging missions, accuracy is everything!

Pay attention to the details, and look for the right moment for the shot. Be quick, because your targets will know they’re wanted and will try to hide in a variety of ways.
Practice your patience to get the clearest shots – and waste no bullets on the ones you could miss.

Game Modes:

In all game modes the locations of targets and objects are random, so you can have a lot of fun!

  • Adventure: Play through 10 missions, each more challenging than the last. Every detail counts – find the perfect shot opportunity.
  • Find Mode: Sharpen your precision even further – you get 10 missions to find various, scattered objects. Hit them before time runs out.
  • Elite Mode: A difficult test of your skills. Complete the adventure missions without the help of zoom or precision.
  • Mercenary: Get money to pay damages to the family of the civilian that you have mistakenly killed during the missions. It brings down the negative score, and adds points to the scoreboard.
  • Survival: Use your skills to stay at the top of the leaderboard! Find targets on the map – with increasing difficulty. If you fail the mission, your points will be saved on the scoreboard and you will have to start over.