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Football Kicks

A pleasant and casual football experience for everyone. Score as many penalty kicks as you can!

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About the game

Build your dream football team and work your way through the ranks to prove the greatness of your team.

Perfect your style, train your players, and enjoy the sweet satisfaction of scoring penalty kicks. Take on any teams that stand in your way. Show your talent off to the whole world!

Customize and enhance your team with many unlockable player upgrades. Overcome challenges, trick your opponents, earn coins and wear your team’s colours with pride as you aim for the target or take a free kick.

Work hard, so you can win easily!

You can play using:

  • Leg Strap
  • Joy-Con™ (R)
  • Touch Screen

Game features:

  • 31 achievements
  • Team upgrades
  • Completely customizable players
  • Endless gameplay