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Floating Farmer

A game in which you have to rearrange your recently shuffled and.. airborne farm patches. Build paths for the animal mothers and their babies, and bring the farms back to land.

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About the game

A country life, raising animals on a ranch.

You’ve been living in this tiny fantasy countryside, a very relaxing environment, but suddenly something unusual happened.

You wake up one day and all the animal farms are now floating like little islands in the sky!

The paths were shuffled and the baby animals were spread.

To fix this, slide the blocks to rebuild the broken paths. So you help moms unite the families again and bring the farms back to land.


As you progress solving the logic puzzles, have the great feeling of uniting families and see your land farm expand.

There is no time limit or resources to manage, so you can calmly just focus on solving the puzzles while listening to a soothing soundtrack and animal sounds.