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Cat Lovescapes

A point and click puzzle game, where you – a Cat Cupid – guide a helpless and silly black cat to its one true love!


About the game

Meowwwwws of longing! The mean old lady taking care of a certain fuzzball’s beloved cat is really making true love at first sight a difficult feeling!
…luckily, a friendly cat cupid is there to save the day 🙂

Use your imagination and interact with objects in different levels to guide an adorably clueless black cat through rooms and obstacles!
Experiment and try to do things in different order, or simply use a hint, sit back, and observe!

What awaits at the end..? Is it cat love? Is it cat… rejection? Come and find out!



  • 50+ fun rooms!
  • Fast and intuitive puzzles!
  • Harder and trickier puzzles the further you get!
  • Adorable visuals and sounds!
  • Simple gameplay – as you’re guiding a cat… you only need a mouse!