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Bricks Crusher Breaker Ball

A classic brick breaking game in the form of a fun, casual physics puzzle game. Break through endless blocks with multitudes of balls, special abilities, and more!


About the game

Infinite balls, infinite bricks –  infinite physics puzzly fun!

The game contains hundreds of well-designed levels, many skill blocks, and skill balls for you to get crazy with, and different challenge modes!
Try it and see how surprisingly addictive such a simple game can get!

Break bricks, gain coins, unlock various mysterious skill balls, discover new strategies, and even participate in unique duel levels!

Are you in need of a casual game to kill time and relieve pressure? Make yourself comfortable with Bricks Crusher Breaker Ball!


  • Smooth aiming
  • 100+ unique levels
  • Challenge modes
  • Timed and unlockable special events
  • Pong mode
  • Hours of brain numbing fun!