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Azurebreak Heroes

A 2D RPG with roguelike and permanent progression elements. Delve through dark caves, mystic temples, strange woods and other mysterious areas in the colorful world of Heldia!

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About the game

Escape the Prison-World!

Through the bizarre, colorful, yet dark areas of Heldia, Heroes look for a way to escape a demonic grasp.

Azurebreak Heroes is a 2D RPG with roguelite elements. Battle otherworldly creatures, enhance your skills, unlock new heroes and choose the upgrades you want while looking for a way to escape a prison-world of Heldia.

Game features:

  • A responsive, real-time combat system.
  • 6 playable heroes, each with its own skill tree and perks!
  • Create builds by choosing artifacts you want! All of the artifacts synergize with each other.
  • Random level layouts.
  • 3 possible endings to uncover.
  • Secrets!