The Awakening of Mummies.

Using your puzzle-solving skills, guide all mummies through various chambers full of traps to finally set them free from the evil Pharaoh Cléo.


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Release date: Q2/Q3 2022
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How to help these Mummies escape:

- Control all the Mummies together, that is, by moving them in a certain direction, they all will too.

- Make sure that each mummy takes the corresponding staff before going to the Totem of the same color, as this is the only way the Portal will open.

Nintendo Switch video trailer:

Take care with:

- Holes: It is death for sure.

- Spears: It is not good to be pricked!

Keep an eye:

- Broken Floor: Nothing can happen, but be careful!

- Magic Mist: Get the crown, otherwise the cumin will be uncertain and the end almost certain.

- Mud: She will delay you, but it can help you.

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