Heavy Battle

  • Now You'll have a unique opportunity to pilot the most advanced futuristic war combat machines in post apocalyptic world.

    But It won't be easy - So you'll just have to be smarter, faster and better to stay alive!


    Chaos. For unknown reasons the war was started. Cities were destroyed. The battle has started on the ruins of civilization, in the name of justice, honor, and ... revenge.

    Finally, the heavy equipment was entered on the battlefields. The end of the fight was close.

    The final battle has begun.

    Game features:
    - Post-apocalyptic world.
    - Fly in different weather conditions, including night missions.
    - Fully detailed 3D graphics.
    - Intuitive controls using accelerometer and touch screen.
    - Original soundtrack (composed specifically for this game).
    - Non-linear, full of action story.

    Released date: 3Q 2013

Main theme: