Final Space

  • Final Space is impressive and dynamic action game that will give you lots of fun.

    At the beginning of the XXV century, after the successful colonization of Mars, Venus, and several moons of Saturn, man begin the next stage of the conquest of the universe.

    Galaxy wormholes connects all the known planetary systems and enabled humanity to further expansion. Unfortunately, peace did not last long. Transnational factions are fighting for influence in the newly discovered parts of the universe.

    You are Atris, a pilot of the spacecraft. Your task is to patrol the tunnels and eliminate of all enemy spaceships.

    Game features:
    - Dynamic gameplay
    - Attractive fully detailed 3D Graphics
    - Spectacular explosions and special effects
    - Dynamic soundtrack and great sound effects
    - Many weapons to choose
    - Weapon upgrade system
    - Four planetary systems to explore - Solar System, Alpha Centauri, Sirius System, Procyon System.
    - Accelerometer and virtual pad control mode
    - Unlimited number of stages!
    - Unlimited number of fun!
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