Birds of War. Take control of a helicopter during the Vietnam War

As a Pilot, your goal is fighting against enemy units like infantry, tanks, armored vehicles, enemy helicopters etc. and rescue alliance infantry from dangerous area.

Release date: Q1 2019

About the game

“I seriously doubt if we will ever have another war. This is probably the very last one.” - Richard M. Nixon

Birds of War is a dynamic action game. A player can choose between one of two US helicopters – attack AH-1 and utility UH-1.

AH-1 will be used mainly for combat missions like air fighting, eliminate targets (tanks and armored vehicles) or support infantry during attack - everything is going to be focused mostly on dynamic fight.

However UH-1 works great as scout - easy gets into threatened area and evacuates allies To solve the conflict we are able to use huge variety of rockets and machine guns. UH-1 Pilot should know, that this chopper is very effective against infantry (heavy targets are reserved for AH-1 missions)

When we get into evacuation point, game will be switched to proper mode. In that case player task is to rescue soldiers (as some said: get to the chopper!)

Birds of War
Birds of War
Birds of War
Birds of War

It was supposed to be a routine patrol. For almost a week the platoon has been forcing its way through densely overgrown jungle, without meeting a single enemy on its way. There was not indication of approaching nightmare ...

Game features:

Controlling system is simple: just swipe finger from one edge of the phone to another. If enemy is in range the helicopter will shoot automatically.

In a flash became silent. The world as if froze in its tracks ... From the distance sound could be heard. Monotonous, growing, getting closer and louder. They recognized that sound immediately – helicopters!

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