Beyond Space

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    Try the most exciting 3D space shooter game ever released!

    Stunning high definition graphics with action packed, adrenaline filled Hollywood-style special effects provide breathtaking visual experience and sets a new standards in mobile gaming.


    There is twenty-six century (XXVI).
    It's been 60 years since the end of the first Galactic War as a result of the Great Treaty cosmic powers divide universe between themselves. There is a peace now.
    In the Meanwhile, Army of the Republic violated provisions of the Treaty and occupied strategic areas in the Sirius System. All previous peaceful attempts to resolve the conflict have failed and the nations of Star Alliance have been proposed in the highest defense condition. Another Galactic War is very close!

    Game features:
    - Non-linear, full of action story.
    - Dozens of completely different missions and side quests.
    - Breathtaking missions played in open space areas, closed tunnels and space orbital stations.
    - Three different Galactic Systems and more than twenty areas waiting for exploration.
    - Beautiful 3D graphics refined in every detail (You never seen this before in mobile games!).
    - Spectacular special effects.
    - Original music and soundtrack.
    - Easy and intuitive controls using Virtual Pad or Accelerometer.

Watch trailer: