About us. Know more about our company

Silesia Games is a game development and distributing company located in Poland.

We are company which gathers people with common passion and own specialization in programing, graphics and gaming.

Many years of experience taught us what it takes.

That is why you will find in our projects fresh ideas, astonishing graphics and great gameplay.

Currently we are focused on PC/Console games and mobile entertainment.

Our Team

Rafał Błahut


Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer games industry. Skilled in Game Design, game distribution, PC/Mobile developement and Casual Games.

Ireneusz Godawa


Manager with many years of experience in business development, strategy, management, controlling, management reporting and process optimisation in the game industry.

Bartek Dublaszewski


2D artist and graphic designer with +10 years professional experience in game industry. Strongest areas are concept art, illustration, game assets and matte painting.

Mikołaj Kurpios


Specialist in compose and produce music, sound effects, character voices and other things needed while producing a video game.

Our partners